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Online Catalog:Test Equipment:Multimeters and Voltage Testers

Economic Digital Multimeter Economic Digital Multimeter
Eclipse Pro's Kit MT-1210

Wow am I impressed with the features of this inexpensive meter. This meter does everything most hobbiest need and then some. Along with the features shown below, it includes a data hold and back light feature usually found only in higher priced models. It even includes the battery!

  • Measures both AC and DC Voltage up to 600 Volts
  • Measures DC and AC Current up to 10 Amps
  • Measures Resistance with Short Sounder
  • Transistor Gain and Diode Tester
  • Comes with Meter Holster
  • Uses standard 9V battery (Included)

Manufactured by Pro's Kit 
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Price:  $16.62 

Lil' Bitty Tester©
LBT Model LBT-2

A new, fast, portable, convenient and affordable tester. A GO/NO-GO tester that fits in a shirt pocket. Designed for the professional electronic technician for field or shop work and also easy enough for the hobbyist to use.

Ideal for testing 3 legged devices like Transistors, FET's SCR'S and Triacs. It works much better than using a multimeter for testing these devices since these semiconductor devices have 3 leads and a multimeters only has two leads. It also tests, Diodes, LED's, Fuses, Incandescent Lamps, Bridge Rectifiers and tests Continuity too!


  • Built-in self-test, no adjustments or calibration required.
  • Operates with a bipolar LED and audible tone to indicate test results.
  • Color-coded test leads with alligator clips for fast, dependable connections.
  • Test leads permanently attached to the tester and can not be misplaced.
  • Over 75 hours of testing on a single 9 volt DC transistor battery.
  • Power Required: 9V DC transistor battery (not included)
  • Max. Current: 194 ma
  • Avg. Test Current: 181ma
  • Size: 3-1/32"(L) x 2-7/16"(W) x 7/8"(H)
  • Weight: 2.8 oz (without battery) 4.0 oz. (with battery)
  • Test Leads: 24 inches long

Price:  $35.95 

Lil' Bitty Tester

Test Light 80-500 Volts AC or DCTest Light 80-500 Volts AC or DC
Philmore # P5100

For testing 80-500 Volts AC or DC. The 5" insulated leads with finger guard insulted tips make testing electrical circuits safe and eays. Red neon bulb glows with increasing intensity with increased voltage 

Price:  $2.78 

Online Catalog:Test Equipment:Multimeters and Voltage Testers

Minute Man Electronics

Unique Products and Components
$20.00 Minimum
Merchandise Order
Thank You