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Tape Recorder MicrophoneTape Recorder Microphone
Replacement for Most Portable Recorders
Philmore # RC1

Similar to Calrad 10-29

Low impedance dynamic microphone with dual plugs (3.5mm and 2.5mm) for any tape recorder input. With remote ON / OFF switch, desk stand, and 3 - 1/2 ft cord, 200 ohm impedance for excellent speech and music reproduction. Will improve recording quality on any low cost recorder with built-in microphone. 

Price:  $9.38 

Lapel Crystal Microphone
Philmore LM101S

A low-priced replacement microphone for PA amplifiers, cassette and portable recorders. With approximately 3 ft. shielded cable. Made in Japan.

This lapel microphone is equipped with molded 3.5mm plug. A clip is provided to assure firm attachment on the lapel. A sensitive high impedance cartridge reproduces crisp clean sounds. Simply plug 3.5mm plug into "mic" jack on amplifier or recording equipment.

  • Frequency Response: 70-8,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -50 db
  • Size: 1-1/2" dia. x 1/2"


Price:  $8.89 

Lapel Crystal Microphone

Dynamic Gooseneck MicrophoneDynamic Gooseneck Microphone
Unidirectional - Calrad 10-3

This is a black Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone with an push on/off switch and is mounted on a goose neck with an overall length of 18 inches long.

It has a Cannon XLR-3 pin male end and can be plugged into a locking 3-pin XLR female for use on a podium, table, stand or inside a tour bus vehicle. For base order F600J

It features a 600 ohm impedance with a frequency response of 80 to 16,000 Hz. It offers a sensitivity of -80 dB +/- 3dB. It does not include a base.

To complete an installation, you need to add a XLR cable to connect to the PA amplifier.


Price:  $66.54 

Dynamic Gooseneck
Speco MGS1

Great for uses when you don't want the microphone to be live until you push the microphone button, such as fire stations, restaurants etc.

This is a low impedance (500 Ohm) black unidirectional dynamic microphone with a 16-1/4" goose neck and mounting base.

It features a momentary push to talk switch located near the microphone. The base has 3 holes for mounting screws.

The 5 foot cord requires a plug of your choice. The push to talk switch has two poles in it which can be used to either disconnect the microphone from the amplifier and/or wired to turn the amplifier on / off if your amplifier has this capability. 

Price:  $55.95 

Dynamic Gooseneck

Gooseneck Adjustable Desktop Microphone Gooseneck Adjustable Desktop Microphone
Speco MHL5S

This professional 6 inch goose neck adjustable desk/table top microphone has a dual impedance of a 50k ohm high to a 600 ohm low.

It features a two position talk switch than can be either momentary for priority paging or, lock down switch for continuous usage, and a Cannon 3 pin XLR male connector. It offers a frequency response 80 to 12 kHz with a sensitivity of -53dB +/- 3dB high to -71dB +/- 3dB low. A 6 foot goose neck extension and 5 foot cord are also included.


Price:  $73.96 

Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone with Stand
Speco MHL1

This unidirectional dynamic microphone has a dual impedance of a 50,000 ohm high to a 600 ohm low. It features an on/off impedance switch and an attractive tri-pod desk stand. A stand adapter, 1/4 inch phono plug, and 15 foot cable are also included

If you prefer a XLR male plug, use the adapter (see P/N T660). 

Price:  $21.49 

Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone with Stand

Multimedia Microphone with HeadsetMultimedia Microphone with Headset
Philmore 70-025

This combination permits hands-free conversations over the Internet or an Intranet. A sensitive microphone with a quality Headset will allow you undistorted communications.

Balanced nicely for weight distribution and comfort. The unit is supplied complete with 5.5 ft. cable and connectors standard for use with today’s PC’s sound cards. Volume control built in-line with cord.

Microphone Specifications:

  • Frequency. Response: 20-18,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 101db +- 2db
  • Max. Input: 0.4mA

Headphone Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 20-16,000KHz
  • Impedance: 24 ohm
  • Max. Power Input: 100mW


Price:  $10.26 

Multimedia Microphone
with Goose Neck & Stand
Philmore 70-020

Here is a convenient microphone for the computer user, voice over IP applications, including internet chat, video conferencing and multi-player internet gaming.

Mounted on a small stand, the microphone can be pushed out of the way during periods of non-use, or pulled toward you for speaking.

The very slim (about 3/16") gooseneck can be easily adjusted for different user heights The 4.5' cord has a standard 3.5mm stereo plug.


  • Overall height is about 12 inches
  • Base is 2-1/2" x 4"
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz to 13KHz
  • Sensitivity: 58db +- 2db
  • S/N Ratio: 40+ dB

Price:  $7.05 

Multimedia Microphone

Minute Man Electronics

Unique Products and Components
$20.00 Minimum
Merchandise Order
Thank You