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Cable Sniffer with RemoteCable Sniffer with Remote
Eclipse Model MT-7057

This remote cable teser is a palm-sized unit for testing today's most popular cabling systems.

Simple one push-button operation. Detects open, short, miswired and cross-connected wires. Internal line voltage protection.

  • RJ-45 for testing USOC 4/6/8, Ethernet 10Base-T, EIA/TIA-568B, ATT 258A, Token Ring and any other cabling systems with RJ-45 connectors.
  • RJ-11 for testing Telephone, PhoneNet and any other cabling systems with RJ-11 connectors.
  • USB for testing USB, and any other cabling systems with USB connectors.
  • BNC for testing Ethernet 10Base-2/10-Base-5 terminator value.

General Features with 5 LED's (Plus 9 LED pin display) to indicate:

  • Open/Short Wiring
  • Connected wires displayed
  • No wire or termination indication
  • Wrong connection / No-parallel connection
  • Ethernet 10Base-2/10 Base-5 termination value detection
  • 9V Battery Power (Battery not included)
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Price:  $73.74 

Tone Generator & Probe Set
Eclipse Model 400-011

Use this amplifier and tone generator set to quickly and accurately trace and identify wires or cables, even when in a bundle. The amplified probe works with any existing tone generator.

Use it on de-energized AC wire, telephone/twisted pair wire, all voice and data category rated cable, speaker wire - virtually any cable or wire.

Kit includes Toner Generator, Amplified Probe and Soft Nylon carrying case.


  • Fast, accurate wire identificaiton
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Sends tone to identify wires
  • Three selectable tone outputs
  • Two-line polarity indication
  • Continuity test
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Visual signal strength indication
  • Powerful speaker for noisy environments
  • Recessed telephone test set connectors
  • Battery: 9V included
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Price:  $99.95 

Tone Generator & Probe Set

Minute Man Electronics

Unique Products and Components
$20.00 Minimum
Merchandise Order
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