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Soldering Iron 15 WattSoldering Iron 15 Watt
3 Prong - UL Listed
Eclipse 900-044

This is a low priced unit that includes a small stand and has a grounded plug. UL listed.

This soldering iron comes with a soldering tip. Extra replacement tips can be purchased. See part number 900-050 below.


Price:  $11.08 

Battery Powered Portable
Portable Soldering Iron
ECG J-035

This is a Battery Powered Portable Soldering Iron that is perfect for portable applications. This economically priced and lightweight iron is ideal for repairs where a corded iron is not useable. Applications include automotive, electronic, field service, marine, telecom, etc.


  • Equivalent to a 9 watt iron at 480 degrees C
  • Lightweight and completely portable
  • Solder up to 160 joints with fuly charged batteries (requires 3 "AA" batteries, not included)
  • Approximately 50 minutes of continuous use
  • Fast start-up, reaches 365F/185C in 12 seconds
  • Use to solder and de-solder micro to medium parts
  • Perfect for field service and repair work

Replacement Tip is Part Number JT-035.


Price:  $23.99 

Battery Powered Portable

Soldering Tip for Model J-035Soldering Tip for Model J-035
ECG JT-035

Replacement tip for the ECG battery powered soldering iron model J-035. 

Replacement Tip for 900-044
Eclipse Model 900-050


Price:  $1.85 

Replacement Tip for 900-044

Soldering Iron, 30W, 120 VSoldering Iron, 30W, 120 V
Eclipse Model 900-018N

  • 3 - Way Soldering Iron.
  • Black cap screws into side for a pistol grip, into the end for a pencil grip, or over the hot tip to allow immediate storage of hot iron.

See replacement tip below. 

Price:  $9.77 

Replacement Tip for 900-018N
Eclipse Model 900-020N


Price:  $1.85 

Replacement Tip for 900-018N

20-40 Watt Soldering Station20-40 Watt Soldering Station
Eclipse Model 900-035

This station allows you to either run the tip at 20 watts or 40 watts.

Use low 20 watts when your are soldering components to printed circuit boards and 40 watts when soldering say large 4 to 16 gauge wire to ring terminals as an example.

See replacement tip below. 

Price:  $27.70 

Replacement Pencil Tip for 900-035
Eclipse Model 900-036


Price:  $2.95 

Replacement Pencil Tip for 900-035

Soldering Iron 30 WattSoldering Iron 30 Watt
Philmore S530UL

Designed for safe, fast heating power up to 620°F at 30 watts. It heats up within 95 seconds.

Ideal for printed circuit boards and wiring, or where only thin tips are needed. It has a comfortable grip and is well constructed. Weights only 4 oz. with a length of 10 inches.

The soldering tip is cone shapped and pointed. It can be easily replaced and is available using part number S531UL - see below.


Price:  $8.29 

Soldering Tip For S530UL
Philmore S531UL

This soldering tip for the S530U is cone shapped and pointed. It can be easily replaced by removing the screw in the soldering iron handle, removing the old tip and replacing it with the new one and reinserting the screw.


Price:  $1.29 

Soldering Tip For S530UL

Soldering and Tool KitSoldering and Tool Kit
Phlmore S540

This kit is ideal for he hobbyist and are necessary items for building the Philmore Datak Kits. The kit includes:

  • UL Approved 30 watt 110/120VAC soldering iron
  • One package of .062" electronic grade solder
  • One 4-1/2" diagonal cutter
  • One 4-1/2" needle nose pliers.
  • Soldering aid tool.

Price:  $19.49 

Multiple De-Soldering Tool
Philmore S2157

This unique combination tool provides the user with a soldering iron and solder removal tool for fast one hand operation.

The vacuum pump is tightly sealed to provide thorough solder removal. Solder can be removed from the easy to remove vacuum pump.

One of our engineering customers is very discerning about the tools he uses, and he tells us he loves this de-soldering tool, and uses it every day.

  • UL Listed
  • 117V 3 Wire Grounded Plug
  • Slim Design
  • Easy Mainenance
  • Can be used as a Soldering Iron

See below for the replacement tip and replacement "O" ring for the solder pump.


Price:  $39.18 

Multiple De-Soldering Tool

Replacement tip for the S2157Replacement tip for the S2157
Philmore S2158R


Price:  $6.50 

Replacement "O" Ring for the S2157
Philmore S2159R


Price:  $1.48 

Replacement "O" Ring for the S2157

Minute Man Electronics

Unique Products and Components
$20.00 Minimum
Merchandise Order
Thank You