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Industrial Telephone Extension Bell Ringer - Philmore TEC49Industrial Telephone Extension Bell Ringer - Philmore TEC49

Ideal for Farms, Factories, Schools, Garage or Porch.

This weather-resistant industrial bell is loud enough to be heard in the noisiest factory or over extended distances outdoors, but the loudness can also be adjusted, which makes it ideal for a quiet patio or home. The ringer can work in conjunction with your present phone ringer or independently.

Installation is simple, just use a 4 conductor modular extension cable. Plug one end into the jack located inside the TEC49 and plug the other into the single line modular phone jack.

If no spare jack is available, a dual adaptor, such as the # TEC29 will enable it to share a jack with an existing telephone.

  • Sound Presure Level: +85 +/- 5dB (excitiation 20 Hz., 60V,RMS)
  • Size: 5" H x 9-1/2" W x 5" D
  • Ringer Impedance: More than 8K ohms at 20 Hz
  • FCC Listed, REN 0.8A

Click here for information on how to adjust the loudness.

Price:  $59.95 

Mechanical Telephone Ringer
Philmore TEC43

If it's inconvenient to have a phone in remote locations but you don't want to miss a call, this ringer "sounds off", enabling someone to pick up the nearest phone. A plastic enclosed mechanical ringer produces a loud noise like the older, standard telephones.

In noisy areas, where an electronic bell isn't loud enough to be heard, this mechanical ringer assures important calls won't be missed. It also can be connected between the telephone and the wall plate if a ring louder than normal is required.

When someone doesn't want to be bothered by a ring in remote areas, a built-in "ON-OFF" switch is provided.

Installation is easy and fast. Merely insert the plug into an existing modular jack.

Works with caller I.D. and UL and SA rated. 

Price:  $18.13 

Mechanical Telephone Ringer

Phone Strobe Light FlasherPhone Strobe Light Flasher
& Bell Ringer - Philmore TEC48

This unit will visually alert you when the phone rings. No batteries or external power source is required. FCC registered. Excellent for:

This unit is a little louder than a standard telephone that is switched to maximum ringer sound. It gives you the ability to locate the phone ringer where you need it, not just where the phone is located.

  • The hearing impaired
  • In noisy factory or shop environments
  • When TV, radio, or stereo are at high volume

Easily installed on modular phones. Simply plug unit into the phone wall jack and plug the phone into the strobe/ringer.


Price:  $20.72 

Telephone Recording Control
Philmore TEC36

Record all telephone calls automaticaly as soon as you pick up the receiver. When the receiver is hung up, recorder stops. If recording is not desired, you can turn the power switch to the "OFF" position.

Operation is quick and simple. Insert plugs into cassette recorder and modular plug into the supplied dual adaptor jack.

It's compact 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/4" size permits unobtrusive placement next to the phone.

FCC- Approved.  

Price:  $23.95 

Telephone Recording Control

Universal Telephone Pick-Up CoilUniversal Telephone Pick-Up Coil
Philmore M81

Will pick up both sides of a telephone conversation for recording or amplification, on either the old type phone or the modern new type phones. Comes with rubber suction cup to enable easy attachment to any telphone receiver, securrely. Complete with 5ft of shielded cable and 3.5mm phone plug. 

Price:  $2.90 

ADSL Filter
Philmore 75-211

This ADSL Filter is a must if you have a digital subscriber line for your internet connection and use the same line for regular telephone communications. It has 1 RJ11 standard telephone plug and 2 RJ11 standard outputs for use with 2 phones or a phone and a fax.

The ADSL Filter will prevent interference to your telephone and fax from the ADSL signals. It also prevents your fax and voice signals from interfering with the data moving in and out of your computer via the DSL connections. 

Price:  $4.81 

ADSL Filter

Phone Line RF FilterPhone Line RF Filter
Philmore TEC200

Also known as RF1400

This device will eliminate hissing, humming, scratching, false rings and radio interference. It provides noise suppression and reduces electgromagnetic interference.

Ideal for cordless phones, answering machines, fax machines, data communication and modems. 

Price:  $11.53 

Microcassette Tape
Philmore TEC98

This 60 minute microcassete tape is for answering machines and microcassette recorders. This is a good quality tape tht has a long lifetime.


Price:  $2.92 

Microcassette Tape

Online Catalog:Philmore and Calrad Electronics :Telephone Accessories:Telephone Recording Controls and Accessories

Minute Man Electronics

Unique Products and Components
$20.00 Minimum
Merchandise Order
Thank You